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Spreading myself thin all over the internet - Tiger in my Tank

Spreading myself thin all over the internet

For anyone who has been checking back for new pictures and music recommendations: I am still alive, miraculously, but until my next photoshoot (will I still be able to carry all that camera gear or have my muscles atrophied to the point where I will just collapse into a small, sad, spooky pile of bones before I ever even make it to the backstage entrance? stay tuned) I am over here on Ko-fi making mixtapes, writing about music and other things people might like, being an irl pen pal/agony aunt, and passing out photo prints. Feel free to sign up, say hello and give me yet another reason to buy more cat-themed postcards.

Haru Nemuri on Instax WideThis could be yours! Not the erasers though, those are mine forever.
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