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Something new: Polaroid Post

Instax Robot from Sara Amroussi-Gilissen on Vimeo.

So I recently bought a mini Instax printer and liked seeing my digital work as tiny prints so much that I thought they would make a fantastic perk/entry level way to share irl prints with people, so I have added a new tier to my Patreon: Polaroid Post!

I will send you a mini print every month and you can pick any one of my photos (EVER). Want a tiny picture of DEAN? Graham Coxon? Or Haru Nemuri? This snowy London postbox? These retro mint washing machines at the Barbican? Or a cat? I can also surprise you with random pictures and fun frames (yes I have bought a special edition Pokemon pack for exactly this purpose) - the world is your oyster!

So subscribe to the Polaroid Post tier here and you will receive:
✨ An adorable glossy mini photo print and handwritten postcard (and cat stickers) every month
✨ Access to monthly playlists and blog posts with new music recommendations
✨ Exclusive access to photo outtakes, Instax scans and gifs
✨ Some chocolate if we meet irl
✨ A photo of a mug, if you want it

If you’re not into the idea of subscribing but would like a one time print and some fun mail I will be offering these as a perk for all donations over €10 on my Ko-fi as well. Everything gets invested back into buying new Polaroid film so I can take more instant photos and prints, new projects, covering photo-related expenses and future (yes, the far too distant future probably, but still) photo shoots.

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Instax, portraits and live photos with Sorry in London

A week before lockdown I was in London having the time of my life and, unaware that it would probably be the last time I'd be doing this for a LONG while, taking Instax and digi photos of Sorry at their BBC Introducing gig at the Roundhouse. 

Since music journalism has since collapsed in on itself these haven't been properly published yet, but if you're keen (and want me to continue doing this music photography malarkey when things go back to semi-normal) the full set is available to view on my Patreon!

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Behind the Scenes with Sasami at EKKO in Utrecht

In addition to musical talent and amazing tunes SASAMI also has:

- Great Instax decoration skills
- Hair so lush that guitar strings latch on to it
- A 할머니 that can make enough kimchi to fill an entire t-shirt

and you can see ALL of these things and more in this photo diary I shot with her last weekend in Utrecht! Please enjoy!

View full set

Instax and outtakes on Patreon here

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Behind the Scenes with Froth in Eindhoven

Last week I spent an afternoon wandering around the Effenaar yelling "I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! Where is the food?? Where are the drinks??" and taking photos of Froth who, lucky for you, are on tour right now so you should definitely leave the house at some point to go see them.

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Instax and outtakes available on Patreon here

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Behind the Scenes with CHAI in Antwerp

I always love hanging out with CHAI so very nice to get to photograph them again in Belgium! There were so many bugs flying around in that botanical garden and they were total champs in posing as if the major potential for itchy bites wasn't a thing that was on the table at all times.

Full set here

Instax and outtakes for Patreon subscribers can be found here

(First published at "Backstage with CHAI")

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Behind the Scenes with Ought in Rotterdam

I actually left my house in the Netherlands without immediately making a beeline for the Eurostar back to London for a change: went to Rotown in Rotterdam to hang out with Ought (which was great) and take photos like I always do. Enjoy this exclusive peek into Dutch indie music event via Canada(ish) life.

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Outtakes and Instax photos available for Patreon subscribers here

(First published at We went behind the scenes with Ought in Rotterdam)

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