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Mitski at EKKO, Utrecht

First proper photo gig in the Netherlands in 4 years, wow. Finally got to photograph one of the very few people more Marceline-y than me (only a tiny bit jealous she got to be on Adventure Time because it's ridiculously well deserved), the amazing Mitski!

Full set: Mitski Backstage with Best Fit

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A day out with Dean in London

A few weeks ago DEAN took his honey voice to London to do some recording so naturally I stepped in to do what I do best: shop and take pictures. He picked out some great stuff at Rough Trade East so go on over to Line of Best Fit and have a look at this record collection here.

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Jason Lytle: Portraits

Got to take Jason Lytle from Grandaddy out for an autumn stroll in Kensington Gardens and ended up creating a mild Hitchcock moment.
I had tons of fun doing this but you guys have no idea how much it will haunt me knowing that it took me a week to remember Grandaddy were on the Gilmore Girls soundtrack and I completely failed to make a "Jess got hit by a swan" reference in any of the captions

Full set: Jason Lytle in London

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